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Geotechnical Reports

Geotechnical reports are an integral part of building projects and are often a requirement of building permits, development permits, or subdivision applications. Our experienced team of geotechnical engineers will assess your property and prepare a detailed report to satisfy permit requirements and provide recommendations for the geotechnical aspects of your project.

Consult with our geotechnical engineers

Let's begin by defining your project needs and the local requirements. Our team will prepare a proposal to suit your project and budget.


Site investigation, assessment, and engineering analysis.

Our geotechnical engineers and technicians will go to work on site exploration, assessment, laboratory testing, and engineering analysis.


Recieve your geotechnical report

We will prepare a detailed geotechnical report customized to your project discussing the geotechnical considerations and providing sensible recommendations for your project.

Construction of single family residences in Victoria, BC

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